Simple TOML Name Service



port = 1104
include = "/etc/stns/conf.d/*"
module_path = "/usr/local/stns/modules.d"
load_module = ""
allow_ips = [""]
# basic auth
user = "basic_user"
password = "basic_password"

# token auth
tokens = ["xxxxxxx"]

# tls encrypt
# ca = "/etc/stns/keys/ca.pem"     # using only client authentication
cert = "/etc/stns/keys/server.crt"
key  = "/etc/stns/keys/server.key"

id = 1001
group_id = 1001
directory = "/home/example" # default:/home/:user_name
shell = "/bin/bash" # default:/bin/bash
keys = ["ssh-rsa XXXXX…"]
link_users = ["foo"]

id = 1001
users = ["example"]

endpoints = [""]


Name Description Default
port listen port 1104
include include config directory -
module_path module include path /usr/local/stns/modules.d
load_module include module name -
allow_ips allow ip(subnet) list -
basic_auth - user basic authentication user(env:STNS_BASIC_AUTH_USER) -
basic_auth - password basic authentication password(env:STNS_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD) -
token_auth - tokens token authentication tokens(env:STNS_AUTH_TOKEN separator is ,) -
tls - ca ca public key(use only client authentication) -
tls - cert server certificate -
tls - key server private key -
ldap - base_dn ldap server base dn dc=stns,dc=local
redis - host redis host name -
redis - user redis username -
redis - password redis password(env:STNS_REDIS_PASSWORD) -
redis - ttl redis ttl -
redis - db redis db id -


Name Description
id(※) unique user id
group_id(※) id of the group they belong
directory home directory path
shell default shell path
gecos description
keys public key list
link_users merge public key from the specified user
password password token

link_users params is merge public key from the specified user

keys = ["ssh-rsa aaa"]
link_users = ["example2"] 

keys = ["ssh-rsa bbb"]
$ /usr/lib/stns/stns-key-wrapper example1
ssh-rsa aaa
ssh-rsa bbb
$ /usr/lib/stns/stns-key-wrapper example2
ssh-rsa bbb


Name Description
id(※) unique group id
users user name of the members
link_groups merge from belong to the other group users

It can be used to represent the organizational structure

users = ["user1"]
link_groups = ["division"]

users = ["user2"]

$ curl
[{"users": ["user1", "user2"]

$ curl
[{"users": ["user2"]


Name Description Type
endpoints etcd urls strings
user etcd user string
password etcd password(env:STNS_ETCD_PASSWORD) string
sync sync config from toml file(exclude user password) bool
Name Description   Type
read_capacity_units table read capacity units int  
write_capacity_units table write capacity units int  
user_table_name user table name string  
group_table_name group table name string  
sync sync config from toml file(exclude user password) bool  

The following environment variables need to be set


api_endpoint = ""
http_proxy = "http://localhost:8080"
request_timeout = 3
request_retry = 1
request_locktime = 600
ssl_verify = true

# basic auth
user = "basic_user"
password = "basic_password"

# token auth
auth_token = "token"

query_wrapper = "/usr/local/bin/stns-query-wrapper"
chain_ssh_wrapper = "/usr/libexec/openssh/ssh-ldap-wrapper"

cache = true
cache_dir = "/var/cache/stns/"
cache_ttl = 600
negative_cache_ttl = 600

uid_shift = 2000
gid_shift = 2000

# tls client authentication
ca   = "/etc/stns/keys/ca.pem"
cert = "/etc/stns/keys/client.crt"
key  = "/etc/stns/keys/client.key"

enable = true
prefetch = true


Name Description Default
api_endpoint api endpoints http://localhost:1104/v1
request_timeout http request timeout 10
request_retry http request of retries 3
request_locktime request lock when after request timeout 60
http_proxy use http proxy -
ssl_verify verify certs true
user basic authentication user -
password basic authentication password -
auth_token token authentication token -
query_wrapper use it when acquiring information with arbitrary script -
chain_ssh_wrapper use to obtain public key from other than stns -
cache use request cache true
cache_dir save cache directory /var/cache/stns
cache_ttl cache ttl 600
negative_cache_ttl cache ttl when resource notfound 60
uid_shift user id shift from stns response user id 0
gid_shift group id shift from stns response group id 0
tls - ca ca certificate (Depends on cURL)
tls - cert client certificate -
tls - key client private key -
cached - enable enable cached false
cached - prefetch resource prefech inteval cache ttl false

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